Canada`s Walk of Fame Premieres December 23rd!


This year Canada's Walk of Fame inducted six more influential Canadians at their annual Beyond Famous event including Donovan Bailey, Viola Desmond, Anna Paquin, David Suzuki, Ted Rogers and Tom Connors. Eggplant Picture & Sound had the honor of completing full post production services for the special airing December 3rd. Thank you to our talented team!

Offline Prep - Joseph Murnaghan & Danica Dalao

Sound Design Mix - Bruce Fleming

Online Prep- David Fulde

Colour & Online - Patrick Hirlehey

Graphics  - Sam Javanrouh & Andrew Minett

CC / DV - Blair Slater & Danica Dalao

Deliverables - Tim Camilleri & Vanessa Hannah

Post Supervision - Candice McHugh & Carlo Vitelli

Post Coordinator - Darcy Smith

You can watch the ceremony this Sunday at 8 pm on Global