Josie Opens Mammoth Film Festival


The Eggplant Picture & Sound team was so pleased to learn that "Josie" was chosen to be screened on the inaugural night of the Mammoth Film Festival.

Variety notes that "The festival, which is being billed as a mini-Sundance, runs from Feb. 8 to Feb. 11 and will feature other indie world premieres, studio films, shorts, and episodics."

This is the second feature that we have worked together on with The Coalition Group and Travelling Picture Show Company. Read what producer John Wunder of The Coalition Group had to say about us back in September to The Hollywood Reporter.

Our team completed the VFX, Colour, Online, Mastering, and Deliverables.

Sam Javanrouh: Creative Director

Helen Thach: VFX Supervisor

Mark Driver: Colourist/ Online

Tim Camilleri: Deliverables Manager

Candice McHugh: Producer

Darcy Smith: Post Production Manager

To read about what Variety had to say, click here. 
To learn more about "Josie", click here.