This year we had the pleasure to work with-up-and-coming Director, Producer and Screenwriter Sasha Louis Vukovic. His feature film Flora was selected in over ten international film festivals and has drawn praise abroad and within Canada.

Flora first premiered at the 2017 London International Science Fiction Film Festival . Throughout its festival circuit, it has been receiving much attention and praise. See below for a list of awards:

London International Science Fiction Film Festival - Best Feature Film
Amsterdam International Film Festival - Best Original Screenplay
Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival - Best Feature, Best Director, and Best Cinematographer
San Francisco Independent Film Festival - Best Science Fiction Feature
Escape Velocity Film Festival-  Best Feature
Filmquest - Best Score 

It was also an official selection at the Twin Cities Film Festival, Other Worlds Austin Film Festival, Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Lund International Fantastic Film Festival. 

Filmed in the thrilling and vast upper Canadian wilderness, Flora is set in the summer of 1929 and follows a small expedition of Ivy League botanists through an uncharted forest on the North American frontier. Tasked to study the native Flora, the students unearth a deadly organism and are soon in a fight with nature itself. They must use their limited resources to understand, survive and escape the wild and terrifying forest that surrounds them. Vukovic said of the project, at its London premiere: “My respect and fear for nature has always been part of my storytelling. With Flora, I wanted to tell a story about what would happen if a North American ecosystem became hostile.” Flora will be released for the first time on Bluray and online this August 7th, with simultaneous day-and-date digital streaming. 

Eggplant Picture & Sound was the choice post-production facility to support this homegrown talent.

Thank you to our team members who worked on the feature.

Colour - Patrick Hirlehey
Post Production - Candice McHugh
Post Production Coordinator - Darcy Smith
Mastering and Delivery - Tim Camilleri

Watch the trailer below: