Tammy's Always Dying


Our Credits:

Executive Post Producer: Dan Wong
Supervising Sound Producer: Bruce Fleming
Post Production: Candice McHugh

DI Colorist & Online Editor: Mark Driver

VFX Supervisors: Sam Javanrouh, Helen Thach
VFX Artists: Mark Driver, Andrew Minett, Marlon Castro

Music Supervisor: Mike Rocha
Music Legal and Clearance: Mike Rocha

Dialogue Editor: Jeremy Kessler
SFX Editor: Steve Blair
Assistant Sound Editor: Emily Boucek
ADR Mixers: Ian Rodness
ADR Recordist: Jeremy Kessler, Deanna Marano
Re-Recording Mixers: Andy Frech, Ian Rodness

Systems Administrator: Joseph Murnaghan
Digital Versioning Technician: Tim Camilleri, Vanessa Hannah, Blair Slater
Dailies Technician: Danica Dalao

About the Film

Synopsis: . The film stars Felicity Huffman as Tammy, a self-destructive woman who has a dysfunctional relationship with her daughter Catherine (Anastasia Phillips); when Tammy is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Catherine invites a television producer to document her process of caring for her mother in an attempt to profit from their misfortune, but finds her plans complicated by Tammy's persistent refusal to actually die.

Cast: Felicity Huffman, Anastasia Phillips, Lauren Holly, Clark Johnson, Kristian Bruun, Aaron Ashmore

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