Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is very much the new hot topic in the production realm. Everybody had heard about it, everybody wants to immerse themselves in it but...there are few who know how to integrate it.

Enter Eggplant Picture and Sound.

With 20 years of experience and several awards for our work in post production, we strategized for best practices when it came to leveraging Virtual Reality. What we know is that it is imperative for our clients and readers to understand how to integrate VR in the development stage of the production, how people are consuming VR and immersive content and who are they. Ultimately, what the producer of this content wants to achieve is to produce a creative piece that he or she can monetize and open doors to future business opportunities.

The result has been producing original content for the Freestyle Soccer Team *insert Video*, being invited into leading advertising agencies such as DDB, Agency 59 and Leo Burnett for demos *insert photos* and organizing panels with WIFT to educate their members.

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