I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House


Producer Rob Menzies & Director Osgood Perkins come together again for their second horror film premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival. Last year, February (otherwise known as The Blackcoat’s Daughter) took its viewers captive, entrancing them in a perplexed atmosphere with enough score to make them want to crawl out of their skin. Perkins is definitely perfecting his craft in creating a suspenseful story one feature at a time.

“I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House,” starring Ruth Wilson (The Affair) and Paula Prentiss (The Stepford Wives) is about a live ­in nurse (Wilson) looking after an elderly horror
novelist, (Prentiss) who starts to wonder if her patient’s new novel contains ominous clues about her own fate.

Eggplant Pictures & Sound is thrilled to have had the privilege of working on the colour grade, VFX, and sound mix. Perkins’ decision to trap it’s characters inside the old ladies home and then isolate the home itself from any outer world creates a suffocating illusion for viewers. Perkins’ taste in dark rich colour and long camera pans in rooms of the house is significant to propelling the story in a strange and mysterious way. This is similar for the music composition used which was put together by his brother Elvis Perkins and there’s a tribute to their late father Anthony Perkins (Psycho).

Keep your eyes peeled for this film hitting the box office at TIFF 2016, and check it out on the TIFF page http://tiff.net/films/i­am­the­pretty­thing­that­lives­in­the­house/

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