Kelsey Grammar, Nicolas Cage Star in Thriller 'Grand Isle'

“Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer are partnering for the first time in Grand Isle, a thriller directed by Clint Eastwood’s long-standing camera operator Stephen S. Campanelli, whose credits include Million Dollar BabyMystic River and Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born.

Grand Isle will see Cage play a trigger-happy ex-Marine living on a quiet island in Louisiana with his seductive wife (Strickland). Forced to hire a cash-strapped handyman (Benward) to fix a fence destroyed while he was gunning down a home intruder, he finds his life taking a strange turn, and after a night filled with “greed, sex, violence and unspeakable discoveries,” a detective (Grammer) is brought in to lead a police investigation.” - Alex Ritman - Hollywood Reporter

Our team at Eggplant Picture & Sound is thrilled to be providing VFX, colour and packaging for the feature.

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