Independent Filmmakers’ Day @ TIFF

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Join us for a series of seven panel discussions, keynote addresses and debate on a wide range of timely topics of interest to content creators and independent filmmakers at TIFF. The Independent Filmmakers Day is followed by Raindance’s Live!Ammunition! Pitching Compeition at 5pm. Close the day with the Raindance Independent Filmmakers Party from 7pm – 1am.

Come and join us in this entertaining and information-filled day.

All panels are moderated by Corky Kessler voted “Best Entertainment Lawyer in the United States”

1. Development and Art of the Pitch (10:00 am to 10:45 am)

How To Build Your Production Team and Attract Investors

Honnie Korngold – Producer and Director, known for Northern Lights, The Last Prodigy: The EW Korngold Story and Broken for Good.
Suzy Lenet – Branding and Storytelling Consultant for Lightbulb, LLC.
Lisa Munsterhjelm – CEO of At the Helm Productions in Toronto. She is the writer and producer of ‘Faction II: Blooden Gold’ starring Dan Cade (Knightfall, Extinction), Alaina Rochon (A Broken Soul) and Joachim Asboek (Bridge of Spies, Schindler’s List).
Terry Tompkins – Producer/Writer – Eggplant Music and Sound. Emmy Award winning songwriter and producer.
Ash Greyson – Digital Marketing specialist for over 65 films, including Oscar nominated Deepwater Horizon starring Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell.

2. Music in Film (11:00 – 11:45)

How To Transform Your Film Using Music

Charles Garris – Owner of Innovative Recordings. Innovative Recordings is a production company with over 20 years of experience creating compelling music and video productions.
Caron Nightingale – Director of Sales for APM Music/Canada and President/CEO of Nightingale Music, Caron has over 35 years of experience in the music industry; including: producing, supervising, licensing and publishing with thousands of worldwide placements including Handmaids Tale, 2 Broke girls, Deadpool, Nintendo and many more.
Darice G – CEO of Synapse Publishing and Entertainment LLC who creates original music and lyrics for film/media w staff composers Andrew Salgado & Adam Mackintosh whose co-writers include Kacey Musgraves, Brian Wilson, Darryl Worley, Jim ‘Moose’ Brown, Kirsti Manna, Jackson Brown, James, Hall and pAtmAcdonald & others.
Steve D’Angelo – Eggplant Music and Sound. Emmy Award winning songwriter and producer.
Heather Gardner – Head of Music Supervision + Licensing at Vapor Music. Award-winning creative directors, composers, engineers, and sound designers – covering every facet of audio, including original composition, music licensing, sound design, radio, voice casting, voice direction, audio branding, and extended realities.

3. Film Funding (12:00 pm to 12:45 pm)

How to Attract Funding To Your Film

Marc Gold – is an in-demand entertainment executive and producer of Fresh Cats Productions and currently oversees development, marketing, and finance for high quality independent films ranging from 500k to 15 million dollars.
Asjad Nazir – CEO of Dionysus Studios – a Blockchain platform that will fund TV and film projects around the globe. Writers will be able to submit their screenplays to the platform where producers can make deals with them for the right to produce it.
Dave Conlon – Partner and CFO of Eggplant Music and Sound – Award winning Post-Production House.
Ping Jiang – CEO of Yellow Mountain Studios. YMStudios is a cutting edge multi-function film production facility located in Tianjin Eco-city, China. Specializes as the animation studio for James Cameron.
Michael Slifkin – Founder & Partner of Archstone Distribution. Archstone has a worldwide output deal with Sony Pictures to handle all of their home entertainment and ancillary rights. Archstone is currently acquiring 20 to 25 films a year to fill their pipeline with Sony.
Gerald Louis is the founder and owner of, Ploutous Equity Fund (PEF) a private international investment firm based in Dallas specializing in sports and entertainment. Founded this year Louis has already represented over 25 million in film investments.

4. Distribution and Sales (1:15-2:00 pm)

How To Find The Best Film Distribution Partner

Tom Malloy – CEO of Glass House Distribution. Glass House Distribution is an international distribution company specializing in feature films and television. Glass House’s original series Dropping the Soap won an Emmy for Star Jane Lynch, for Best Actress in a web series or comedy.
Tamara Bell – VP of Acquisitions of Koan Inc. – Experienced Distributor of Feature Films and TV. Have collaborated with HBO, Disney, and Showtime.
Scott Martin – Founder & Partner of Archstone Distribution. Archstone has a worldwide output deal with Sony Pictures to andle all of their home entertainment and ancillary rights. Archstone is currently acquiring 20 to 25 films a year to fill their pipeline with Sony.
Bill Straus – Producer for the acclaimed box office smash, Straight Outta Compton.

5. Women in Film (2:15-3:00 pm)

Discussing Current Issues Affecting Women in Film

Noemi Weis  Famed Documentarian who was invited to present her documentary at the Vatican. She met with Pope Francis, who expressed his support.
Jennifer Wallace – Made by an award-winning filmmaking team, WHO DO WE HAVE HERE?, is a feature-length documentary following director Jennifer Wallace and her search to find a true sense of belonging and community.
Vanessa Meadows – An American Actress who has starred in over 50 Films and Theatre Productions.
Candice McHugh – Senior Producer for Music and Sound – Award winning Post-Production House.
Nancy Peutz – President of Tennessee Women in Film

6. How To Make Your Film (Screenplay and Beyond) (3:15 pm to 4:00 pm)

How To Get Your Film On the Big Screen

Robert Deege – Producer of 14 feature films.
Rudy Langlais – Executive Producer of The Hurricane with Denzel Washington
Adam Fisher – Armed with a background in production and finance, Adam runs the day-to-day operations of Complete Production Group’s (CPG’s) West Coast office in Los Angeles where he currently serves as the companies President & Managing Partner.
David Rubenstein – Entertainment Attorney and Managing Partner of Rubenstein Business Law.

7. International Productions (4:15 pm to 5:00 pm)

How To Increase Your Audience Internationally

Alexandra Hoesdorff – Producer of 15 Feature Films.
Robert Menzies – Producer of 40+ films including “The House at the End of the Street”, starring Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence.
Lilliana Kawase – Producer LRK Film Productions specializing in Feature Films in Brazil.
Suzanne Lyons – Award Winning Producer of 13 Films.
Jacintha de Norbrega – Owner of Arclight Productions Producing TV and Film in South Africa.

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